Thursday, 19 November 2009

Recording the BFP / r,W! split Ep

This week we finished of our home recording of the two songs for the Battle For Paris and run, WALK! split ep, being released in December.

We recorded the whole ep ourselves, this included making mike stands by stacking 3 bar stools on top of one another, making a pop shield out of tights, a sewing hoop and a coat hanger, a lot of hard graft, many hours on cubase 5 and some hours on paradise paintball...

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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Rock Midgets Ep Review

As far as debut EP's go, you don't get much more impressive than Battle For Paris' With A Gun Between Your Teeth, You Speak Only In Vowels. A must for all of those still mourning the loss of Meet Me In St. Louis, the young Dorset-based five-piece deal in a technical brand of post-hardcore that blends off-kilter guitars and head spinning rhythms with enough melodic hooks to reel you in and keep you coming back. Opening track 'Fuck Your Déjà Vu' is the heaviest and best moment the band have to offer, before 'Baby, You Are My Ammunition Dump' catches them taking their foot off the pedal and explore complex, Blakfish-like territory, while closing number 'I Have The Jigsaw Man's Hands' once again sees the band go straight for the jugular with its mathy guitars and larynx-ripping screams.

All in all, With A Gun Between Your Teeth, You Speak Only In Vowels is a storming success that leaves you begging for more. Ones to watch, as the cliché goes.