Wednesday, 2 December 2009

With A Gun Between Your Teeth, You Speak Only In Vowels EP

The actual, real life, solid state, finished versions of the EP's arrived at my door this morning.
About 20 minutes before this i had 3 dreams that the EP's had all been printed badly, with weird edges and odd inlays and off colours, i also dreamt that martin from the office (UK) was being sick in the WHsmith in my town after he turned up for work drunk, he works there in my dreams quite often.

But eventually i got all 250 of them and they look fucking awesome.

If you want to hold it, read it etc you'll have to buy it and i promise you its worth it.
You can pre-order the CD from

The CD + T-shirt Bundle...

The CD + EP release show ticket bundle...

The EP release show...


Also Were going on Tour next week with the ever charming and yet ever more annoying, run, WALK! for more details, dates, can you put us up in... etc

Hope everyone is well!